Énoncé d’accessibilité du site Web

Xtratuf and it's parent company, Rocky Brands Inc., ("Xtratuf") has an ongoing commitment to achieving the highest levels of satisfaction for all aspects of its consumers' online experiences. As part of these efforts, Xtratuf is dedicated to offering a quality online experience at its websites, including Xtratuf.ca , to customers with disabilities that is full and equal to that provided to fans without disabilities.

To assist in achieving the aforementioned accessibility goals with respect to the Website, Xtratuf has committed to the Website being designed, developed, and operated in substantial conformance with generally-recognized and accepted guidelines and/or standards for website accessibility (the "Standards"). While these Standards may change and/or evolve over time, they are currently the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 at Levels AA and AAA ("WCAG 2.0").

Our website is periodically monitored and tested by both internal and third-party accessibility specialists. These experts help us identify usability issues and provide solutions to further improve the accessibility of our site. Further, Xtratuf provides training to necessary individuals with the organization on an ongoing basis regarding accessible website design and maintenance. De plus, notre site Web continuera d’être évalué sur une base régulière du point de vue de l’ingénierie et de l’expérience utilisateur, y compris l’utilisation de technologies d’assistance (comme les lecteurs d’écran et les loupes d’écran) et la participation des utilisateurs handicapés qui utilisent de telles technologies d’assistance.

Veuillez noter que nos efforts sont en cours. If, at any time, you have any specific questions, feedback, or concerns about the accessibility of any particular web pages on Xtratuf.ca or any of the Rocky Brands family of brands' websites please contact us at accessibility@rockybrands.com or 1-866-442-4908. Si vous rencontrez un problème d’accessibilité, assurez-vous de préciser la page Web/URL dans votre courriel, et nous ferons tous les efforts raisonnables pour répondre à vos préoccupations.

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